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    We continue to strive to bring our expertise front and centre, which has...

  • Surveillance - Corporate & Insurance

    Our growing reputation coupled with our quality work ethic has contributed to our success...

  • Criminal Investigations

    Our investigators, surveillance members, & technical experts are second to none in our field...

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Corporate Investigations

Proven success in over fifteen years of operation.

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Insurance Investigations

Top rated investigative services in the industry.

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Fraudulent WSIB Investigations

Extensive expertise in under cover operations.

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Eagle Investigations, Located in London, Ontario, Canada.
Our unparalleled resources across Ontario, Canada and throughout the United States enables us to provide assistance anywhere in North America, please do not hesitate to contact Eagle Investigations.

Participating Partner in the Masoni C.H.I.P. Program.

We look forward to meeting with you at any time to discuss our services.


Protection of Personal Information

Eagle Investigations subscribes to the Principles set out in the National Standard of Canada Entitled Model code for the protection of Personal Information, CAN/CSA-Q830-96.