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Corporate Investigations

Proven success in over fourteen years of operation.

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Insurance Investigations

Top rated investigative services in the industry.

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Fraudulent WSIB Investigations

Extensive expertise in under cover operations.

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Affiliated Agencies

The following agencies and their Personnel have continued to maintain a close affiliation with Eagle Personnel for some twenty five years or better. During this time their friendship and work relationship has proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients with unparalleled resources across Ontario, Canada and throughout the United States.


  • Amric and Associates (Syracuse, N.Y. & Daytona Beach, Florida) Jack McEligot – Co-Owner - 25 years Federal Bureau of Investigation 10 years Private Investigation – contacts throughout the U.S. with retired F.B.I. Agents
  • Freedom Lock & Security Inc. (G.T.A./Southwestern Ontario) Gord Van Der Grinten – Owner – Extensive Police background Residential and business alarm systems – Master keying Investigations and Forensic locksmithing.
  • Vu Point Systems (London) Rick McEachern– Audio, Video and Security Solutions. www.vupointsystems.ca


Protection of Personal Information

Eagle Investigations subscribes to the Principles set out in the National Standard of Canada Entitled Model code for the protection of Personal Information, CAN/CSA-Q830-96.